Thoughts Become Things

I remember when the most interesting bit of technology was having a phone installed in our house.  We were on a party line and had to know what our ring was: one long, two short , our number was 321.  If we picked up the phone when the ring was anything but ours, we would be answering someone else’s phone and could take part in the conversation.  Or we could just pick up the phone and listen to someone’s conversation and they could listen in on ours.  It hung on the wall because there was no such thing as a desk phone at that time.  How times have changed!

Technology today has come a long way from the dial phone and the party line, and it has surpassed anything we could have imagined back then.  All that we have today, however, was once a thought, something in someone’s mind and imagination.  From that thought, came other thoughts and eventually things came to be.  The ability to use our mind and imagination to create things in our future still exists.  You are what you think and you become what you think about most often.  You attract what you think most about.  If you are constantly thinking about your bills, you will attract more bills into your life.  If you are thinking of successes, you will attract more success into your life.  The mind is indeed a very powerful thing.  Our thoughts are one of the few things we have control over.

 You Become What You Think About – Dr Wayne W. Dyer